1958 February 2nd First Japanese candidate went over to Germany alone and entered Generate Novitiate in Paris.
“Ari no machi”(town of ants): Rag pickers' area in reclaimed land in Tokyo in 1960’s
“Miriam kai” activity for the neighborhood children.
Sunday class for Mikawashima parish.
Christmas party of Vietnamese group.
French Bible class
Human chain, protesting for the American military base in Okinawa.
Charity concert held by the students of Studio Meisen.
Michiko, missionary in Benin.
Students of Meisen, enjoying flowing cold noodles in summer!
Christmas of Studio Meisen.
Studio Meisen
Mass celebrating 50th Anniversary, existence and mission of DHM in Japan.
Formation House in Davao
DHM Sisters in Pakistan
December 4th D. Baker, DHM American had attended to the congress held in Tokyo and met Fr. Ruhmer, the chief director of Sophia University. Fr.Arrupe, the provincial of the Society of Jesus in Japan, and Fr.Ruhmer requested the Superior General of DHM to open a dormitory for female students.
1959 April 18th Rascol, Superior General, and Hanquet came to Japan, examining the possibility of founding a community in Japan and establishing a dormitory for the female students of Sophia University.
November 16th First postulant entered DHM in Japan.
1960 April 15th About twenty female students of Sophia University entered dormitory which was functioning at the third floor of convent (ex-residence of Inukai).
1961 April 15th Inauguration of new dormitory. It was named “Meisen dormitory” by Ikuma Arishima, and 90 students entered.
May 3rd “Meisen Dormitory” received the blessing from Cardinal Doi.
1963 July 1st First local superior Leroy passed away after four months struggle with illness. She now sleeps in the Fuchu cemetery in Tokyo.
1966 February Japanese DHM was sent to an overseas mission, Madagascar, for the first time.
1969 September 29th 10th Anniversary of DHM arrival to Japan. Eight Japanese has been professed.
1971 July “Culture Center of Meiseikai” started functioning.
1972 December 8th Due to the call of the Church, DHM started a small dormitory, “Tomo no Ie”, house of friends, at Katushika-ward for female immigrants.
1973 March “Tomo no Ie” was shifted to Machiya Arakawa-ward. The number of young women, who came from the social welfare institutions, has increased.
March 25th DHM took over “Saint Mary Kindergarden of Mobara”, belonging to Tokyo diocese, from the Sisters of Visitation. Mobara community was founded.
1974   “Tomo no Ie” was shifted from Machiya to Minamisenjyu. DHM started the tutorial class for children.
1977 March New “Tomo no Ie” was built. Our apostolate works were to do Sunday school for children, pastoral care for Mikawashima church and to participate the activities for the poor at Sanya area.
1978 April One Japanese DHM was sent for the mission abroad, west Africa- Benin.
1981 August 16th Inauguration of “Maria no Ie”. It is for retreats and sessions, at Fujimi highland- Nagano prefecture.
1983 December 26th Since DHM accepted two Vietnamese women to “Tomo no Ie”, there small dormitory for Vietnamese has started.
1984 September 29th DHM celebrated the mass, for 25th Anniversary of the first missionaries’ arrival in Japan.
1985 August 250 years’ Birth Anniversary of Fr. de Cloriviere.
1986 October 10th The mass was celebrated. And party was held for 25th Anniversary for “Meisen dormitory”.
1990 June 17th “Thanksgiving Mass for 200 years foundation and 30years arrival of DHM to Japan” was celebrated by archbishop Shirayanagi at St.Ignatius Church
1993 March DHM took charge of “Kusatsu kindergarten” which belongs to Kyoto diocese.
2000 May 30th New Shinanomach house was completed.
2001 March 27th After 40 years of history, Meisen dormitory was closed.
2002 March 26th New female student "Studio Meisen" was inaugurated, blessed and started functioning.
2003 January Regional formation house was opened, at rented house in Davao, Philippines.
March Community of Kusatsu has been closed.
2008 September 28th Celebrating the mass, for the intention of starting 50th anniversary year (2008-2009) for the first DHM missionaries’ arrival in Japan.。
2009 June 20th Celebrating the thanksgiving mass for 50th Anniversary of existence and mission in Japan at St. Ignatius Church.
2010 January South East Asia province has been established.
2013 March “Maria no Ie” is established at Koiwa, Edogawa-ward (Tokyo).
2014 November 22th Celebrating the mass, for starting “the year of consecrated life” by Pontifical ambassador at St. Ignatius Church.

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